Source: Bali Arts Magazine, Photo by : Don Dulang (I Wayan Suardika)

Bali has an enormous cultural heritage, along with a community that appreciates its art and music. This magnificent cultural heritage is at risk due to disruptions caused by the 21st century’s technological, social, and cultural changes sweeping the world. TiTian Bali Foundation will assist the Balinese visual artists not only to navigate and survive this massive change, but to become successful enough to drive the creative economy in Bali and Indonesia. We intend to place Balinese Art on global platforms.

Inaugurated on 29 January 2016, the TiTian Bali Foundation is being founded as an effort to “re-frame” the potential of Balinese Visual Arts within the creative economy. At the core, it supports talented Balinese artists to become art-entrepreneurs; to benefit from, and be the drivers of the new opportunities of the creative economy. To embrace changes initiated by globalization and the e-Revolution of the past two decades.

This Foundation’s primary function is to identify extraordinary talents in Balinese visual arts, (especially painting and carving), and to assist these artists to reach their full potential on the local and global stage. It strives to provide a nurturing environment conductive for artistic freedom. This will enable artistic expression to flourish within the boundaries and intersections of Balinese culture. At the same time it will embrace advances of technology and external foreign and global artistic influences.

Through these activities, it will ensure that the the full cultural and economic potential of the Balinese visual art is achieved, and the traditions survive and thrive in the modern world.

“Let my works be like a naked person, so that everything is visible, both the beauty and the defects.”

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad