Inhale – Exhale

Date: 6 August – 15 October 2016
Location: Titian Art Space
Jl. Bisma No: 88 Ubud

Bruce Granquist is a native of Saint Paul, Minnesota and has been in Indonesia for over three decades. He is also the author of Inventing Art: The Painting of Batuan Bali (2012). In this exhibition, entitled Inhale – Exhale, Granquist juxtaposes his works as an illustrator and as an abstract painter in a duality (Inhale and Exhale) of a single artistic creation process.

Traces Under the Surface

Date: 3 June – 31 July 2016
Location: Titian Art Space
Jl. Bisma No: 88 Ubud

Breaking away from tradition and being unique is the trademark of I Nyoman Ngendon, one of the major artists from the village of Batuan, 10 miles south of Ubud. Ngendon was a multi talented artist, a freedom fighter and probably the first art entrepreneur in the 1930s. Ngendon believed in sharing his painting techniques but vehimantly persuaded his students to break away from tradition and become art innovators themselves, and create a style of their own.

Pricing your artwork

You are cordially invited to attend a workshop designed for emerging artists on pricing their artwork.

Workshop: “Pricing your artwork”
Speaker: Mr. Soemantri Widagdo
Date: Sunday, 10 April 2016
Time: 11:00 – Noon
Place: Titian Art Space, Jl. Bisma 88, Ubud

Please RSVP by Saturday via SMS or WHATSAPP at 0822-14-400-200

The Art of Opposites

Event date: 29 Jan 2016, 6pm – 9pm
Location: Bentara Budaya Bali

One of the most mysterious and intriguing aspects of Balinese philosophy is Rwa Bhineda. This loosely translates as dualism as it pertains to the belief that all life depends on a balance between opposite forces. These opposites-in-balance are not strictly considered good or bad, nor is one supposed to defeat the other.