A Sanskrit word for being enlightened – free from all desires; a state where worldly yearnings cease to control our thoughts, emotions and state of being.

It is only when artists have achieved MAHARDIKA, that they can be true creators. Until then, they are at the mercy of the market: slaves to money, fame, recognition and fears.

This new exhibition series, entitled MAHARDIKA, is intended to promote the creation of art at the highest level. It is meant to challenge artists to become creators without fear and the self-created burden of ambition, greed and human desires.

This first installment is more a declaration, a commitment towards becoming creators. It shows works from all ages and all levels in the self-journey of achieving artistic enlightenment.

Notable is the work of an eleven-year-old child who has not yet been contaminated by these social constructs. In essence, MAHARDIKA is a challenge for those who call themselves artists: to allow the child within to achieve its full potential, to become conduits for the universe to reflect itself and to give expression to God’s hands. It is our search for art in its purest form, an understanding that worldly desires suppress and silence the inner child.