open to all Balinese visual artists
the original work must be received by
15 December 2017

Nine finalists and the winner of
the TiTian Prize will be announced on
29 January 2018

Application form is available at
TiTian Art Space


The winner will receive:

The 2018 TiTian Prize,
one week tour to one of
the World Art Cities for 2
person and a solo exhibition
at TiTian Art Space

Who can apply?

The applicant should be of Balinese descent (i.e., mother or father or one of the grandfathers is Balinese) OR One of the applicants should be of Balinese descent

We encourage collaborative work of art
The winner can be a two-person team of artists

Anyone who is not of Balinese must create a collaborative work with another artists of Balinese descent to qualify

Age 18 or older


What to submit?

We prefer paintings with a maximum size of 150 x 150 cm. But other works of art (e.g., sculpture, installation, photography) of any size will still be considered


Frequently Asked Questions:

NO application fees
The original works of art must be delivered to TiTian Art Space no later than 15 December 2017


Panel of judges:

David Arnold
Edmondo Anolini
I Nyoman Erawan