Art Exhibition By Children
Sanggar Bares
3 – 30 June 2018 at TiTian Art Space
Open House
Sunday, 3 June 2018
9-5 PM
True Line

Sanggar Bares

Freedom of expression is essential in art, just like free thinking in child play. Maintaining this mindlessness is the foundation instilled at Sanggar Bares founded by I Nyoman Bratayasa, an artist of Banjar Glogor in Lodtunduh Village, Ubud. He invites children in his neighbourhood to practise drawing and painting at his residence. It has now attracted more than 40 children, from age 5 to late teens to draw and paint with free pencils, paints and paper.

Bares means giving in Balinese. Sanggar Bares gives children complete freedom to play and express their imagination in painting and drawing. No specific teaching method dictated by Bratayasa. Only a stack of random auction catalogues and art magazines are provided as a source of inspiration.

Raw creativity is clearly seen in dozens of drawings collected from the children and shown in this exhibition. At this early stage of creativity, bold lines and strokes that decorate the surface of the paper as a field of painting are devoid of advanced processing, synthesis and analysis. The True Line that arises from the innocent mind of the children offers the raw artistic impression of these children in the early formation of creativity. Some works show complex expression beyond the age of the children. Unfortunately, this line of honesty (True Line) will disappear as the children grow older and influenced by social constructs around them. It is imperative to maintain an atmosphere that preserves this honest expression into their adult life.