Civil of War #2

  • I Made Surya Subratha
  • 160x115cm
  • Acrylic, Spray paint on Canvas
  • 2019
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The jury were pleased to award ‛Civil War’ as the overall winner of the Titian Prize for 2020. The Jury were impressed by the highly detailed and expressive painting and the way in which the painting embodied a Balinese ‛spirit’ within a contemporary approach to painting. Theartist skillfully controlled the profuse mark marking, with a restrained palette of red, black and white delivering a painting thatbares a flatness reminiscent of textiles. Obscured within the expressive mark making, are many figures, with the overall impact drawing the viewer into a narrative that is both revealed and obscured by the mark making and compositional structure. The Jury commented that this was also a highly emotional work, heightened by the ambiguity and tensions created within the painting, with its title conjuring up references to all kinds of political situations. ‛Civil War’ is a complex painting, and a worthy winner, whose elements, when experienced in totality, reveals an essence of Balinese painting transformed within a contemporary painting context.