Communal cooking

  • I Wayan Budiarta
  • 130 cm x 100 cm
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 2016-2017
Category: SKU: TAS128


Traditional communal Balinese cooking is called ngelawar, and is predominantly performed by married men of the Banjar in order to prepare meals for those participating in community service or ceremonies. While preparing a dish (called lawar, from which the verb ngelawar was derived) the men chat, gossip or even engage in serious group discussion about their day-to-day life and daily experiences. Many think that this communal cooking tradition will soon be extinct, yet many more believe that this tradition will continue and survive the gargantuan shift exerted by the advancement of technology. Just as lawar and ngelawar will persist, so will the Batuan painting tradition.