People are My Toys

  • Pande I Made Dwi Artha, Batuan 1998
  • 50 x 70 cm
  • Ink and Acrylic on paper
  • 2016
Category: SKU: TAS090


This drawing is another example of social critique of the world, as viewed by the artist. It uses the analogy of the common arcade game in which a player uses a joystick to control a claw in order to capture dolls or other valuable prizes.

In this drawing, the player is a very powerful man: wealthy, influential and vice-ridden. He is portrayed as a heavy-set and jovial figure who manipulates the joystick to obtain what he wants despite harming his fellow man. Those affected, the men constrained within the closed box, struggle to avoid the crushing claw and try to get out of their predicament, while mice crawl around them; symbolizing an environment of ubiquitous corruption, manipulation and exploitation.