• I Made Griyawan (b.1979).
  • 80 X 20 cm
  • Acrilyc on wood panel
  • 2018
Category: SKU: TAS140


Elephants often appear in Griyawan’s paintings. Elephant heads, known as Karang Asti, used as the corner stones of most Balinese architecture. It decorates the four corners of the base of Balinese altars (pelinggih) inside a temple building. To his own admission, elephants represent strength and flexibility. However, it does not necessarily mean that he painted the symbolism explicitly in this work. Two elephants stood at the center, while one elephant is in a dialogue with a fish in the lake. It may seem simple, but there is a judicious intent in the selection of the media and material that ties in the narratives; such as the selection of wood, media and the theme.