The hunter Lubdaka

  • I Made Griyawan (b.1979).
  • 28 x 38 cm
  • Acrilyc on paper
  • 2018
Category: SKU: TAS141


Inspired by the story of Lubdaka, Griyawan looked into himself to break away from the Batuan painting tradition. Lubdaka is a story of a hunter overcoming his own fear during an overnight stay in a totally dark night in a forest after a day of an unsuccessful hunt. As he kept himself awake through the night, he looked into the source of his fear – his own thoughts. Suddenly he realized that his fear disappeared. So perhaps, the essence of the story of Lubdaka, a hunter who tried to end his fear in the hunt and search for his inner self; like a dark-bodyed hunter with ropes and spears chasing a tiger into a forest. So as Griyawan conquered his own fear by exploring new directions.