Three Binding Forces

  • Pande I Made Dwi Artha, Batuan 1998
  • 45 x 47 cm
  • Ink and Acrylic on paper
  • 2016
Category: SKU: TAS091


Tri Guna is the Hindu philosophy of three primal forces that govern the dynamics of our journey in life: Sattva (Intelligence and virtue, which promote harmony, balance and stability) , Rajas (Energy that encourages change and promotes imbalance, turbulence and even chaos) and Tamas (matters that cause inertia, resist change or work against Rajas). Guna, in Sanskrit, means “what binds” us to the pull of the positive energy (Rajas) and the negative energy (Tamas). Only our Sattva will be able to subdue and control the two opposing forces of Rajas and Tamas, and thus provide an inner compass to stay calm, still and clear.

In this drawing, Dwi Artha depicts the tension between Rajas and Tamas as a conflict between a powerful employer (the figure on the left) and an employee who tries to resist the will of his boss (the figure on the right who is digging). The wise man (center), is an outsider who is somewhat removed from the emotional forces that govern the conflict, and can more clearly perceive the situation, unclouded by Rajas or Tamas, and can therefore serve as an effective mediator.