Vacation on the Moon

  • Pande I Made Dwi Artha, Batuan 1998
  • 55 x 85 cm
  • Ink and Acrylic on paper
  • 2015
Category: SKU: TAS094


This drawing is inspired by the well-known Balinese folktale of a couple (Pan and Man Brayut) who are blessed with 18 children. As the father, Pan Brayut, grows old, he dreams of retiring in a quiet and secluded place. He chooses the moon.

This drawing indulges this fantasy: set on the moon in this century, it shows the elderly couple vacationing there. The moon is just for them and no one else is around. Their children enjoy their varied interests, preoccupied with their own things. One is observing the planets around him. Another is playing with his radio-controlled toy aircraft. The mother is busy grooming herself. And the father, at the center, wearing cool sunglasses points out a UFO.